meena iyer
I recently read one of my friend's blog. It was a plea to her dad to understand her aspirations, her need. It is true that parents have the best interests for us in their mind. But how many parents forget in the mean time if the path they dream for us is really our dream. Are we so much a extentions of them that we dont have our own identity??

Pushing your frustrated and not so frustrated dreams on your children is like trying to live your life through them its not possible!!!!

And the most common lament is.. We never had oppurtunities like you have! All we want is for the best for you

You are right! You didnt have as much choices..... We have! SO LET US MAKE THEM!!!!

I am sure most of you all agree with me! I mean what the heck is wrong with their mind? How can they forget they were young once and had dreams.............

All they remember is they had dreams and want it to happen for their child as it didnt happen for them ! PSSST
Doesnt make sense!
2 Responses
  1. Neeru Says:

    doesnt make sense at all... :( sigh.

  2. bloggerankur Says:

    try living other people's dreams for a change, you will never regret it. just wait till you see that satisfaction on your parents' faces when you turn THEIR dreams into reality.