meena iyer
Date: 25 th May 2007

On this day I departed for Mumbai from Bangalore on a volvo. I would like to share my experiences with anyone who cares to read it.

It would have been uneventful.. but then it wudnt be meena trvelling would it be?

Well for starters it was the day i leave n i didnt recieve my return ticket with no hope of recieveing it! But after 4-5 calls i convinced the courier guys to save their breath and let me collect it from their office... They reluctantly agreed.. incidentally that was at 2:30 and i had to board bus by 3:00 n I was still at Lalbagh! It would bore you guys with how much touch n go it was...

Other than that the only thing that was awesome was the weather!
I have taken loads of pics of clouds.. will post them somewhere Laters!
Well thats all for starters.. will describe the next day layters..

I had some fun escapades.. keep tuned in

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