meena iyer
Recently, one of my friends called my ex as my enemy and I was clueless. I mean whom do you call your enemy? The one who wants bad things to happen to you? or the one whom you want bad things to happen???

Well if it is latter, I guess till now no one is my enemy. not even my ex. Simply coz, I in no way want anything bad to happen to him as long as he stays away from me there is nothing else I want.

Now if it is former, since I have no idea whats on my ex's mind how can I call him my enemy?

besides the word enemy doesnt exist for me. Simply coz todays friend can be tomorrows enemy and vice versa.. so that is stupid..

now I wonder why I have got this need to type meaningless post. It is as if I need to be stupid purposefully. I actually wanted to post something else end up typing crap. Still it is my crap so will be published.