meena iyer
Isnt this wonderful ?? Look at the passion.. the desire and yes the confidence.. Beautiful and powerful! A woman who knows her power.. Aware and yes a siren :)
5 Responses
  1. ishaan Says:

    hmmm...m scared of u...

  2. Flo Says:

    It looks like she was defeated at something she tried so much at. She seems to be looking for something to hold...for support, a wall perhaps. She hides her face in shame. She walks in long strides hoping to escape from whatever the last situation was. Her hair tied up says she is insecure, shy, introverted.
    Why does this 'siren' hide then?

  3. Nah.. she is posing.. making the guy drool.. see her showing her thighs??

    She is so sure the guy gonna fall on her feet...

    Shes posing.. so that when she turns.. the guy cant handle the effect...

  4. Flo Says:

    Reflexive psychological reality- We each have our own perspectives. It's how we want it to be. =)