meena iyer
I have thought about this for quite some time now.. Is honesty over rated ethic or am i missing anything???


I refuse to put fake experience and get a job for myself.. i job i would adore.. would that mean i am being stupid??

Many say yes.. Why is it tht ppl dont value honesty anymore??

Even my sister seem to u\s the need to do jhol.. y cant i???

Let me give u guys an example... well tax season is here.. predictably we havent made any investments.. as of yet :P :P

So my sister got forged reciepts for medical expences that obliterates her tax completely... when i asked her why.. she says everyone does it : :

Further more, i was kinda trying to share wid my friends... and they seem to agree wid her..

I dunno why am i resisiting??
Am i wrong or r they ??

Recently met one of my friend who is a team lead in one of the companies.. I asked him to help me out for a job.. n he was like sure.. send me ur resume pucca etc etc etc

When i told him but i dont have exp to show.. erm and u know i wont put fake exp..

he changed tunes.. said got to talk wid PM!

how is that the fact that i dont have relavant exp.. deter me but fake exp n buch of lies can get me in???

I know i am capable of the job.. only cant lie : :


one more rant :P

I sometimes wanna b like others.. forget my ethics n go with the flow.. i feel envy of ppl who achieved.. they say end justifies the means

But does it???
2 Responses
  1. Flo Says:

    I was shocked when we were cheating customers at my old call centre but then realised that things wouldn't get done is people didn't do 'jhol'. =)

  2. ->V<- Says:

    .. faking is in ... honesty is out ! ..the times they are achangin' :| Le Sigh