meena iyer
Err random jottings again...

What is it that makes one anticipate?? I dont u\s why.. i anticipate... if i write a nice poem.. i anticipate comments.. keep tracking it on the blog or in the community...

In blog, I keep waiting for comments.. i ask ppl to visit my blog.. then look out for comment.. y do i do so??

what happens if they read a portion of my life or not??

there may b many silent readers.. still why do i look out for it??

approval? appreciation??

how long will i seek them ??

y seek them from strangers?

y from ppl we know??

y is it imp...

many a times i read out my poem to my sis... erm.. from the blank look n no comments.. i know she is bored.. n yet the next time i will show her.. even if i decide i wont..

y this compulsion to be liked n adored?

y ??
2 Responses
  1. Pensativo Says:

    haha..because its basic human nature :)

  2. Flo Says:

    I agree with Pensive boy there.
    I've stoped anticipating though. I never did bother. I wrote to kill my time and boredom and my folks at home don't know that I blog even. Somehow, somehwere along the way this year I got noticed. Blame Jatin, he made me make my blog public. =D

    There's nothing wrong with it though. We all like a little attention. =)