meena iyer
Today i stay awake late night... flitting to unread unwanted blogs and profiles .. i wonder what i am doing why i am doing?

What do i acheive by this random browsing? for that matter what do i acheive by talking to random strangers... strangers whom i would never meet.. strangers who will be forgotten in days to come...

I sit here staring at my pc sharing thoughts events in life that i havent even shared wid the most intimate of my friends... only to share the same with the next available person in the future!

Is it becoz as my sister says i am too needy! If that was true why dont i need a particular person?? To be honest one particular person bores me.. even the thought of it bores me...

What abt my dreams of mr perfect the one and only soulmate??

i guess i am not made to be wid one person in my life..
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