meena iyer
Yeah i am in mood of it.. I love to read random blogs.. its as if i read a piece of their life... I dunno why i love it.. peeking into their blog n never commenting on it!

Like i once used to read a blog of a lady who was divorced and yet evry much in love..

One of the most touching piece tht i read was about one holiday weekend.. which used to be special for them.. she so wanted to call him *they were still friends* but didnt coz she dint wanna feel needy * didnt wanna show him that she was*

Her choice of words.. her pain was soo real so touching....

Similarly right now i am reading a blog of a writer.. who has quit alchohol.. his daily life.. his fight against the urge and his hopes for future the disappointments...

i wonder if i like reading that as it is sooo real or do i read them coz he is too talented?

i hope i get to read his publications.. its awesome wite up!
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