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Ppl, i am taking brk from ranting abt my job * which actually i like* to rant abt a really piss out issue... its abt my house shifting...

After giving notice 3 months in advance.. and getting confirmation that we will receive money on 10th of september and reminding them on regular intervals...... we are still waiting for money 10 days down the line...

Day 1: call the owner * no one picks up the call* keep calling... same issue! in the evening they call ... no apologies given.. she says * owner's daughter* that her dad will come there on sunday

Day 3: * dads come* in the night around 8:30 they ask us to meet : we say we cant .. hafta the next day!

Day 4: Again in the night around 8:30 they call. Exasperatedly I go. They promise to pay the next day as they have to go somewherelse in the evening * no reply to phone no response from their side at all *

I wait for them to come back like on day 7!

Day 7: Again in the night, they ask us to meet and then request to have a look of the property before we got the money! Not tht we ahve any issues! but then..... they cud have told the same on phone why does it require that we go to their place? again they wanna visit 8:00 in the morning.. given my sleeping habits thats toooo way too early :x

We complied but they were rude!!!

Day 8: they come home.. and then keep fibbing abt useless things like chips on the floor..* none of which were of our doing* and their excuse: may be sweety dug them holes.. that too in the tiles.. didnt know my sweeties nails r laser drills!

:x :x i sure wish so.. i cud have made money sitting at home.. leasing my doggie to work.....

Finally they agree to pay money next day * in cash* and *minus some money*even after arguing wid them.. finally we gibe in as we were worried of not getting money at all! they say we will get it * tomorrow*

Day 9: *no response* Called in the evening ... finally got money in cash 9 o clk in the night! They know we cannot deposit it in the bank in the night : : what shud we conclude? it was not matter in thousands.. but in lacs!!!!!! * @$#$^&*&*@* u r free to add any swear words u want!

Day 10: Finally money is at its home * bank*

Le sigh!
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