meena iyer
Yep i know tomorrow is 14th!
And yet i am not feeling low now.. not like i felt all these days.. something is new today.. or may be i am new.. Mom i am sorry for the anger... i dun mean i am happy wid ur choices.. but then who am i to judge?? no one.. i hardly know u.. i regret that.. i wish i cud.. but then.. i am still feeling better.. for the time we were atleast togather.. atleast i have the satisfaction that... that u love me!

atleast i am sure of that!!

I am glad that i am your child.. i am sure where ever u r .. u love me n r proud of me!

I am sure u know that we are doing the best we could!

And that should be enough!

Love you mom.. and yeah we havent forgotten you.. you are always in our hearts and our thoughts!!

May you rest in peace!
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