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Yep! this blog needed a new post since long.. I wanted to finish the story I was writing.. but this was not to be! I am feeling this vague dissatisfaction.. yeah with everything...

A minor disappointment and i am feeling so depressed/ It was no big thing. I wasnt part of it even for 3 months.. Why do i feel let down? Its no big deal!

I guess if i tell myself like 15 times may be i will believe it. But the truth is.. I feel let down coz i am backing off. Whatever may be the reason.. the children couldnt suffer..But if it wouldnt give me satisfaction will it give others any joy??

If i cannot feel the commitment will anyone benifit?? I guess not.. for ppl who wonder what this is all about.. dun be too nosy.. if i wanted yall to know i would have tole ya and if i ddnt most prolly i didnt wanna tell!!!

Now i read this book called bitter chocalates by pinki virani!

All those ppl who are against sex education must read that book! Theyr eally need to..

I feel so disgusted so outraged.. i want to kill each one of those prpagator.. y helpless rage has no outlet like most case

So i mourn. I wake in the night.. I mourn for innocence.. I mourn for that little girl .. i mourn for that little guy.. I mourn for the haunted adulthood.. The totured soul

I guess somewhere i mourn for myself.. the child that was..

I mourn mourn and some more...


something that waters down to every other person?

yep i have written abt this before too.. anyone out there who wants to dispute the statistics.. please move on..

This is reality.. this dioesnt happen to someone else.. this happens in well educated.. well to do with all the amenities society.. this si as much a passion of rich as desperation of poor...

Many of us know that sex tourism in India is on rise.. esp in goa... But government doesnt take any action.. reason is.. goa thrives on tourism..

The worst part in the book is not that the kids were victimised.. thats a big crime itself.. worser part was no one believed them.. when they did the kids were hushed!!

And mostly the kids were blamed as a problem and not the actuall abuser!

Our fucking law is sick!

do you know that for a child abuse to be a rape.. penetration is reqd??

when most cases finger fucking is the most usually used mode as the vagina is too small??

Do you know that the youngest kid to be raped was 6 month old child?

Do you know that any kind of sexual abuse is generally termed as "unnatural offences" and the punmisment that could be met to these ppl is in and around 2 years??

That too its hard to prove as the social stigma is hard to bear??

And most sexually abused kids themselves become abusers or submissive to abuse??

So if u r abused and u dun gethelp... it may happen that once u get married and ur kids get abused.. u may verywell turn blind eye!

Can you really live and marry wid such lagacy?? Can you?

DO you know that most kids are killed by disinterest by the parents...

There are so many did yous.. and if yous..

'if' like someone said.. such a bittersweet word!
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