meena iyer
I am goddamn frigging bored!!!

I miss my online friends.. no one seems to be online when i ma.. when earlier atleast 3 of them wud be at any given point of the time :( :(

Well day was wonderful... One my orkut friend called me.... he is in bangalore.. shall meet in in few days i guess :)
and then met an other friend from orkut .. had a fun evening.. the night is a let down.... in my hurry i forgot to take any novel wid me.... its soo frigging boring!!!!
4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    open books always tend to make noises in the wind,with time the pages do get ripped by the force.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    and when the wind moves away the noise stops, the pages stop making noises,and you get bored ,perhaps life should have a better meaning.

  3. But sometimes, there are things in those pages that catch your eye and hold your attention.......
    Look for those things and life has a better meaning....

  4. Anonymous Says:

    better move fast to pages as life has a long syllabus.happy reading