meena iyer

I am feeling wonderfully happy. Inside out outside in... Well is it becoz I slept like 13 hrs straight?? Well most who knew me in college wouldnt find it any special.. meena always sleeps for 13-14 hrs... But it is not so! I actual;ly get only 4-5 hrs of sleep.. the reasons r countless.. dun wanna waste my time whinning today [:d]

And it stopped raining here too. Not that it was raining heavily.. but the weather is awesome! I mean wonderful breeze carassing your face when you walk even at 12:00 pm in the afternoon no hot sun scorching ur face ur feet!

And then Alex anna called me up. It was so wonderful to hear a familiar voice. I never thought i would see a day when i wouldnt mind being called motti or when i would again tease him calling him hitler.. the name that was created in anger struck with love. Now when i think of him i smile. I guess its just the natural caring he shows. I so always wanted a big bro and he fits the slot right on!

And then I got a scrap from vivek after ages. It seems he got confirmed in Godrej. Its an eyeopener to see him focussed on his carrer. Not much of a surprise, coz he always had it in him. I am sure he will be very sucessful coz he got that thirst in him... I wonder when i will find my thirst [:P]

I am remebering the old times. Me coming to the canteen saying " mein aaagayi" and ppl teasing me about it.. It is strange how i am soo nostalgic now.. i ddint fel it in mumbai or after coming back.. This isnt desolate ache i felt when i returned. this is wistful ahppiness that comes when u remember some wonderful memories with a foreknowledge of more to come!

Kalpesh may come to india this september! Isnt that a peach! I hope he gets time to come to bangalore. Gawd it would be 2 years! i havent seen him.

I somehow never talked about my coll friends! i want to do it today
Remember all those bitter sweet memories!
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