meena iyer
I am bigtime bored. Yeah. Hardly any work (Pssst dun tell my TL) and no one online :(. Never been this bored ever! I swear on my life (Easy thing to swear on)

After so many sombre posts.. I am in light mood. I wonder what I should type. I only have this need to blog. Wonder how I got hooked to it. I used to write.. yep write when I was angry. It was a solace to put all my thoughts on paper.. it used to clear my mind. Lately haven't felt the need. Now I write for pleasure. For the pleasure of reading what I like. Most may think me as pompus, but I actually love what I write. I love to read them in leisure. One more thing i have been thinking of doing since long.. read my conversations with others. Not all ofcourse. but some are worth going through again. I have had my best interesting conversations online :)

There are many things I haven't updated on my blog.. somehow I dont feel the compulsion to write about them...

There was a sad moment today.. I wish I can erase it from today.. but then that is wishful thinking.. surprisingly, I am not aching as I used to.. may be thats become a routine. May be i dun expect much from them anymore.. yes them.. the same ppl i was talking about in one of my other post.

I wish I cud be a different person than what I already am. I wish ppl won flatter me. Really do. Coz that scares me. : I dun know y but I never know how to handle compliments....

I wonder how i manage to give a lot of them compliments....
I have been acting like a kid.. asking ppl around to visit my blog and comment.. Stupid of me.. but i want ppl to praise my blog and when they do i dun take it well.. stupid me :P

My life is a roller coaster ride.. i never know waht my next step would be.. i ahve no plans no dreams nothing.. drifting like a leaf.. from place to place with the wind...

I have become so detached that mostly it doesnt matter that the ppl i consider close are not in contact.. doesnt matter at all that i havent talked to many for long...

If ppl are online i chat wid them.. if not i get bored.. but i miss no one.. and I am not glad of it.. even if it hurts missing is lot more better than listlessness that rules my life...

I no longer care for ppl genuinely.. i donot mean my friends.. I mean i used to be forever interested in helping strangers on orkut.. have listened to endless sob stories... Am no longer interested!

I hardly visit any such comm anymore. May be thats because I am involved in the real thingy!!

Its infinitely more satisfying :)

I am loving everything thats happening in my life.. Well not everything but most of it :)

Next month its my sister's birthday I am gonna gift her a gold ring.. its gonna be my secret.. If anyone wonders y i am posting here.. well my sister never visits my blog.. she never has!

We are so different in sensibilities.. like chalk and cheese! That is the root of our discord!

We want to do things togather but are sooo different that its mostly a disaster if not for both then one of us..

Lemme give an example..

I hate dawdling while shopping esp in crowded places.. I am a lot claustrophobic and smitha loves to check out everything.. esp in cosmetics section where you can try things for free..

I remember that day i was soo frustrated.. pissed yes.. but more frustrated... I cried :P

I was sooo tired and i had to go to office.. so i cried .. makes no sense.. but my tears never do :P

There are others.. smitha never likes fiction and i dun like non fiction : i dun mind her but she feels i waste money with the kind of books i read...

Y the heck am i writing those things here???

I dunno.. juss in mood of talking uninterrupted :P

I still wish my sister sometimes visit here and check my blog.. if for nothing than to check out what i actually think etc etc... I guess i am soo uninteresting for her coz i have always been vocal abt my thoughts.. ALways been voluble...
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