meena iyer
Hey!!! today was smital's birthday. I called her up. It was so much fun.. seemed like ole times when we used to call on Saturday and Sunday coz we were apart not in hostel..
Cant imagine now what we had to talk abt hours togather when we juss spent 24 hrs /5 dayz with each other!!! But we still talked on fone....

And this 2 years things changed gradually! STD goes steep on cost and gradually the frequency of calls dropped until now i haven't called for 4-5 month straight. Somehow even if i did call there was nothing much to talk abt other than how are you, so on and so forth. Somehow a distance was formed. I sensed it and the only reaction i gave to it was to grow even farther apart. doesn't say much abt my intelligence does it? or rather sayz too much abt my ego [:d]

Whatever! today was her birthday n i called her up.. after ages we cracked lame jokes n i acted like a stupid kid!! I dint talk in that "tone" esp reserved for my close friends from college for ages n it felt good as it felt good in being ridiculous..... Shraddha was there too they were having a birthday celebratory meet! Wish i was there to meet them...... Its been ages since i screamed for shraddha wen i was talking to smital n then scream for smital when shraddha was there.. And ages since i induced guilt by saying "shani aahes. majhyashi nahi bolaycha.jaa tujhyashi katti" lol!! and then say.."bas aata khup jale maja phone bill jasta jhalay mee thevte fone" oh shoot been ages talking in marathi n smital saying.. bas jhale marati. hindi madye bol he he eh ...

Well it was wonderful n i am happy today Also, harshad came online today... god knows y that was like an icing to my happiness cake!! i am feeling on the top of the world.. seems like world is not after all a bad place to live.
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