Meena Iyer
One more break!
one more reason for guilt?
I dunno.. one more beautiful relationship in ruins it may never be same!!
I am sick n tired of relationship!
Well, what can i say truth hurts a lot !
Its hurting me.. but what i said was true..
I cudnt have taken more of the same shit!
May be the topic of love is so much on my mind that i cant take it out of my mind!
i was feeling used.. i dotn want to listen to her laments! abt nishant! or whatever..
Now harshad is also gone... he needs a break.. i dunno whats on his mind..but whatever it is it is the right decision.. i will miss him! Lately i ahve come to so much Dependant on him!!
And jatin isnt around.. he went on some road trip.. forgot to tell me abt it... i kept thinking he si busy wid fest or something.. then one day someone else told me.. i realized i was so wrapped up wid myself that i dint realize that he is gone for quite a sometime! Really distressing! This level of self involvement! i never thought i am capable of it!
y cant i be self involved?
Maybe i shud take a break too!
i tried to but i cudnt!
its the only source of my entertainment,comfort , fun etc.. everything that a good friend is..
but then
good can hurt too!! Real bad at that.

I guess thats what is happeneing!!

good is hurting me! abt time i quit orkut! it has taken away my life! I dont think anymore! i dont reflect dont do anything but coem online...come home come online, sleep, get up eat come online, get ready leave! is this what is life abt? who am i to blame for this if not myself???

Well is internet relation really true?? I guess not ! I proved myself dint i??? I think from now on i will only blog! I love blogging even if i only complain.. its relaxing to blog!! Thats it for now! i got to get ready!!

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