Meena Iyer

This is for you. You know it when you read it . I hope you read it and forgive me. I have done really bad by you. I want to let you know that it was a misunderstanding by my part. You see when I checked my profile it dint show the team members. Simply coz i was logged in.

After reading your explanation, I rechecked without logging in and I found out my mistake. you see the blog you were talking was not even in my consideration. And the one I was talking about, you didnt know about.

Sigh, it is a stupid misunderstanding on my part. If i wasnt a paranoid these days, I would never have done such a mistake.

You see I have always admired you and wanted you as a friend. But i am not someone who hits out of the blue. I saw an oppurtnity and asked you. I guess i squandered it. I hope you will forgive me. If not forgive me, I just want you to know that I dint mean to hurt you. I assumed you to be amit coz only he and shay knew about the 3rd blog and shay dint tell anyone.

Sigh i wish i remembered the 4th blog. i didnt and I hurt you. I hope you read this and understand my position.

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