meena iyer
Yes i am... I am afraid that if i wont blog now.. i would stop blogging... and i dont want to stop! This is the only way i can actually make sense of my thoughts which is pretty senseless anyways..
I dont know what i wanna talk abt... somehow I don't feel like blogging too..

Sigh i am stopping
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  1. Flo Says:


    Meenie, the trick to blogging is to know why you're doing it in the first place. Are you doing it more for yourself or are you looking for a little acknowledgment too?

    If it is for either you'll need to gather your thoughts more carefully and place them neatly on display.

    No need to blog if you don't want to.

    Blog when the thoughts in your mind are together and not scattered. It will show on your blog elsewise.

    But I must admit, you're blog is more of a web diary, isn't it?
    'Coz if it is you can't expect anything more out of it.

    What I'm saying is...spice it up. =)