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A Shoe is such a neglected creature for me.. As long as I have one on my feet.. I am happy.. many times without it... Like on a beach.. in dew soaked green lawns etc etc..

I think this neglected baby of mine has decided to be seen heard and definitely given more attention than usual.. They have decided to break before one hour is gone... mummy save me!

I thought finally shoes have decided to gimme a brk n i dont have to buy once in 2 months ... but no.. In the past 2 weeks I have already bought 5.. yes u read it right 5 pair of shoes and each one of them broken!!

I was wearing my fav black low heeled well cant call it a shoe... it was more like a chappal or something... but damn! the strip broke while I was talking on phone and I slipped :x :x :x :x

Since I was walking and my shopping wasnt done.. and I planned to buy a new one for the wedding anyways... so i bought 2 of them.. one with a lil heels and one withough heels...
something like this one....

But you know what???Surprise! the heel came off as I was walking.. since we were on tight scedule.. I couldnt go back to the shoe vendor.. luckily i cud still walk.. with out... heel on one shoe and a good other shoe.. Yep i did look ridiculous.. now you may wonder why i ddint use the other showe that I boiught... u see... I didnt wanna take chances.. I felt it was my bad shoe day.. well It was...

Now let me tell you abt the 4th chappal.. it got bitten by my dog to non use until visit to cobbler... :( :(

I know keeps happening to me only!

Finally.. for the past one week I was using tht heeled shoe that I bought for the wedding.. I figured since I dont walk much.. cab to office to cubicle to coffee machine to my cubicle to cab doesnt need much walking anyways..

And it worked for a week!! yay!! But I went out today... yep no surprises there... the heel broke... its giving me pointers.. I GOT TO LOSE WEIGHT

So well.. i finally bought a kolhapuri.. that seems more like a guys wear than gals... and yeah.. its completely flat... no heels ... wont take chance no more :P :P

Such was my shoe week.. *sobs*

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2 Responses
  1. Neeru Says:

    =)) sorry for laughin, but that WAS funny!

    dont tell me u r becomin a calamity jane like me! :D

  2. dont u mean clumsy?? i already am one :P how do u think I got the epithet of meena the terrible