meena iyer

there are some who are talented.. and then there are few like me... jack of all trades.. I wonder how people like us live life.. i mean.. destined never to get accolades... nor bitter words... destined to be sidelined...

The ambivalence with which we lead out life sometimes shocks me.. no ambition whatsoever.. no passion.. what exactly do we live for anyways? * I wont consider vague day dreaming as ambition*

Talent .. its like a heady wine... The one who has it rides on it .. fly towards pinnacle... I dont say they r the happiest lot... but they have something to hold on to...

Even being buried in worst filth is better than this teeming anonymity... I mean u atleast have you niche right?

Erm and did i say abt the envy you feeel?? and this void.. nothingness that haunts you.. lesssaid the better!
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  1. ishaan Says:

    Being talented and being unkown are 2 diff things!! u can be taletnless yet be popular look at anu malik!! what u need to realise is the priority of ur talent wheter it is for commercial purpose which is not at all wrong or just for urself! if its for u satisfy urself and if its commercial market urself