meena iyer

Apprehension and expectations often go togather... You face a new situation which could either make or break you thats when your expectations soar sky high and so does the apprehension.. for every step that you take there is this apprehension that makes you move 2 behind why??

Why is it that we so hate the change ? For like now.. why am i questioning myself ? why is it that I am finding reasons not to change .. why am I clinging to the same place even when I am miserable out here ? why is it that I want to move 2 step behind? Why??

Would I ever get a reply?

Why is it that change always is soo hard? I wish I didnt think too much about anything! This really sux!
2 Responses
  1. ishaan Says:

    coz ur uncertain about ur future and u have butterflies in ur tummy and its not u only it happens to every1 so take in ur stride and let the change happen coz u can never stop it!!

  2. Flo Says:

    Change means taking a decisions and the one thing an indecisive man is afraid of is being wrong.

    You have to brave the change and accept the aftermath.