meena iyer
If you liked the nail biting action of da vinci code then the book.. Rule of 4 is for you!

It depends on the same cryptography of renaisance period.. but the story is not the same.. and yet it is sensational!!

This story has betrayal.. love friendship murder.. intrigue.. you name it you have it!!

The story is mainly about friendship between an orphan named Paul and a guy named tom who recently lost his father... They come togather as Paul is interested in what tom's father was interested in.. the longest book in history filled with absurdities.. For 5 centuries no one could ever understand what the book meant... it was not even a novel! it was a dream.. a dream that a guy saw where in weird things happens to the girl he is searching in his dreamm... and yet the book cannot be called a love story.. as the book has horrific details... ' Hypnerotomachia Poliphili.'

Paul and unwilling tom solve the puzzle that many cudn't... The resulting chaoes is best read.. to know more abt the story click here
2 Responses
  1. The Mystic Says:

    ooohh!!! u read loads of bigg books wid bigg words!!! eva tried readin archie n jughead or twinkle or chacha choudary????

  2. Voice Says:

    i am reading the rule of four :-)

    thnks for ur nice comment in my blog
    keep reading :)