meena iyer
..end up hating the rain! its been raining all night non stop and intermittently since few days ..Burrr.. coldness and rain.. the combination sux and makes you ill :(

Everyones a lil sick at home.. and me the healthiest of the lot currently gotta take care of ppl and do house hold work too...

Yesterday has been a difficult day! after coming home from work.. i scrubbed the floor.. washed the dishes... washed the clothes.. disposed the garbage etc...oh yeah and went out in the rain shopping.. and other stuff like picking up after the sick!

Damn I was soo tired and pissed... my weakness* natural after fever * and tiredness made things diffcult for everyone.. ahem i kept complaining...

And now...i havent had a good nights rest n i am cold :(

and enough of this burr.. i am signing off !!
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