meena iyer
Ok people here is the deal...

If you have read my first post you would know how seemingly hard my day is(sigh...)
for people who havent ..pls read the first post.

Well if you think that was the hardest day in my life think again!!!

Well this is how it went.

For the starters I had a bad case of cold ,cough fever..the works!!!
And was deprived of sleep due to extraneous n excruciating circumstances (which cannot be revealed as it doesnt seem as excruciating if I do) well so as I said.. I was late and cranky as usual..

Like the usual I caught the rickshaw..

Now most days I dont get smartasses..but that day was different I dont know why but the guy figured I dont know the route which was wrong I knew it(but most often than not I am wrong so he was right in a way!)

Every day I go through a common route..from banashankari to jaynagar 4th 'T' block to dairy circle and Kormangala where I work.
I was hoping that this would be the same too..

Now as you know I was travelling by 8:15 a hoping to reach on time.
But destiny had different plans..
For one I was shivering with cold and like an idiot forgot my sweater(Actually it was wanton..I feel watches and sweater and other such accessories cumbersome)
Now instead of the usual route this smartass took me through Kadranhalli cross right to the Kanakapura road.

To be fair he asked me which way i wanna go but he was already half the way from where sure the way ciould b easily modified common way agreed but sadly would have cost me more time.
Also to my sick mind the option seemed fair..

On the map, through Kanakapura road..Banergetta is close so we would have reached Dairy cirlce in no time which was good..and i agreed.

But in actuality, Benegetta road is hub of traffic jam and i was stuck in it for an HOUR...Boo hoo hoo..

Now for the usal 60 rupees rick ride i paid whopping 80 bucks and i reached office by 10:00!!!

If i had caught the bus i wuold have reached quicker... n lots more cheaper at 10 bucks *sigh...

Now You should think that my problems were over..but this wasnt the case....

I was in training at the best it was very offhanded like in one week i hardly had 3 sessions ...when i should have 6..
Well most of the time i was on my own with a very very slow net connection.

But that was ok.

But my higher ups in their good sense chose that DAY to give me 2 sessions in a day..

Even after knowing how terribly sick i was..coz i asked them how to get some medicine for me through a peon since i was new i dint know how.

Now to cap it all i had an overtime instead of an early leave
I know i was miffed too...

But this wasnt all..
The bus was extremely crowded and extremely crawly!
Took us 2 hours instead of one hour to reach my place..
And the driver was super extra careful with the brake used it every five minutes that too sudden break with a gusto you show for a novel gift.

And topping it all was someone stealing my seat!
I was supposed to sit ...bit befpre i couls this very enterprising lady used her advantage of being more accessible to sit.
While she had just come i was standing for an hour with aching pain all over my body.....

Finally i reached home only to find my beloved dog has been free with the house so much that she had made mess of everything and had peed in my super special hall room.....

So i had to clean everything upp it was stinking and smitha wasnt home(my sis.Thank god for it coz i wud have to listen to her lecs abt my irresponsibilty towards my dog!)

So finally I thought I should take a rain check even that wasnot to be..

It was the day chosen to have nice fight with everyone..
So i fought one more time at night before sleep..
i know this is too bad to be true(too good for my enemies[:)])

But this how my worst day went..
P.S: I forgot to add my sisters scolding while waking me up..
Thats how i wake up most mornings to the alarm of scoldings
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