meena iyer
Ok ppl!
this being my first blog i am gonna give u insight abt a normal day in my life...

Well for the starters I always get up late thats an cardinal rule!
I dont know why even after poor dad waking me up giving me bedtime coffee I always end up getting up lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......

Well then depending upon how late I am I catch the bus or rickshaw!!!

normal scenario is i reach office on time or only 10-15 minutes late..
In case I am late by 10-15 min..I can always blame the ever dependable bangalore traffic!!!

I mean it is perpetually in jam! so saying that i am late due to trafic jam always work
And believe me it helps me various excuses...Not that I am tardy per se..Its just a morning ritual

Now once in office if i ahve reached before 9:30 am I partake morning breakfast...
So by the time i actually start work is always 10:00 am.

Ritualistically I first login to all the tools pre requisite...
Then its onto gmail n yahoo mail. then finally to orkut and I am all set for days work!!!

Then I work/orkut till 5:00 relentlessly only for in between Lunch break and Tea break(Being pucca SI i prefer filter coffee and believ nescafe sux so settle for tea!!!)
The tea break happens like for 6-10 times..thats how I keep awake..

Then by 5:00 pm i am outta office!
Technically I shud get a CAB but the higher ups say due to some probs i will get only by FEB
And i dont even get travelling allowance..

Now I dont have to explain how the traffic is...Sigh i hate the crawl of the bus with incessant crowd!
And i stand for an hour..
Truely travel in Virar train is better than bangalore bus!
Atleast you know when you will reach it is on the mercy of driver and a very volatile traffic!
wonder y the traffic policemen are not fired and y there r 2 traffic police men on one circle and y their presence doesnt prevent traffic(My personal opinion,they cause more confusion than what already exists )....

Also,Bangalore is a city of circles and junction wonder y so many junctions and pathetically confusing one ways n two ways

Confusing is an understatement believe me!
Two ways can be lot more narrower than one ways!
Wide one ways and narrow two ways any wonder so many traffic jams?
Also,diversions are pain in the ass.....

All said and done i reach to my bus stop finally and its Paani puri time...
Thats the only thing thats worth eating!!!
No vadapavs hardly any samosas...
Dont ever try sev puris and other chat etal!!
If u wanna eat paanipuri too make sure you eat from road side hawker else its not authentic nd it suxxxxxxxxxx big time!!

All said and done its time to go home have food do orkutting like crazy..Chat wid my BF..
His name is Amit .
And then a good night call that extends upto 4-5 in the morning(Here's the secre for my late getting up...only my dad doesnt know..its goes on the sly!!)

So thats how the day goes....